AR Lungs

3D rendition of lungs based on what a user has input into the app

Anti-smoking AR app

Despite many anti-smoking campaigns, around 200,000 young people in the UK take up the habit every year. Current ad campaigns are clearly not working.We should use new media to engage and expose young people to the harmful effects of smoking.

Augmented reality is getting plenty of interest in the gaming circles but what could we do with this medium that would have more of a positive, meaningful impact?

This idea projects a life-like 3D model of some lungs on to the user/smoker after they have inputted their age, how long they have smoked and how many cigarettes a day they smoke. The targeted age group would then see the damage they could be doing to themselves if they smoke or continued to smoke. This would put them in touch with their own mortality.

We built the technology and showcased it on the Teenage Smoking Episode of CH4’s Embarrassing Bodies. The app had 80 million views and attracted 110 million visits to the site.