What they say

“Cathy worked for me for years until she decided to go freelance. 
Her work is creative and unusual. 
She’s very high energy. 
She does good work, lots of it, always on time and on budget. 
We’ve used her freelance since she left. 
We’ll use her again every chance we get.”

Dave Trott
Owner, CST

“I’ve never seen someone come into an agency in such a short space of time and make such an impact as Cathy did. She brings bags of creative talent and know how to any project. Most creatives can be ego driven moody buggers but Cathy not only excels in creative ideas but also is one of the nicest people I’ve ever worked with.”

Gary Hoff
Head of Creative, Apple

“Cathy has an amazing ability to apply her ingenuous creativity to every problem she comes across.

Be it above the line adverting campaigns, building digital customer experiences or simply making us laugh (see her work at I SAW IT FIRST) she rolls up her sleeves and gets into the hard work of making it happen. As a creative director she is inspiring and collaborative; people love working with her. Any team she leads seems to have the spirit and enthusiasm of a bunch of highly motivated, talented scouts off to build a bridge – it’s going to be hard work but it’s going to be fun.”

Joel Bradley
Creative Director, Sapient Nitro